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James Woolley                  
- James -

No words able to summarize the force of nature you were.
No words alone can possibly capture the loss we feel.
No words can explain your endless kindness.
No words will fully express our gratitude.
Simply, no words will suffice.

- Rest In Peace -
Friend, Brother, Comrade.

Grammy Award winner James Woolley was the original keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails during the later Pretty Hate Machine tours (most notably Lollapalooza 1991), and toured with them through most of the Self Destruct tour, including their Woodstock performance before his departure in December 1994 to be with his family. 

Previous to NIN, Woolley was a major collaborator along with former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna to Chicago band Die Warzau.

Subsequent to NIN, Woolley made contributions to Die Warzau albums again, particularly 2005's Convenience album. In 1998, Woolley toured with Rob Halford's band Two, which also included John 5 of Marilyn Manson. With Two, Woolley played live keyboards and did quite a bit of vocals as well. After Two, Woolley did some studio audio work in L.A. By 2005, Woolley had relocated to Chicago and has been involved in a new band V.O.I.D., whose long-awaited album "Mass Distraction" WILL RELEASE IN 2021!  The band includes Woolley, Jon Roberts and DJ Aaron Chase of fuse, and Mark Pearlman.